I will basically talk about three issues in my submission namely; what constitute marriage, some causes of expensive wedding and how to avoid expensive wedding.

What constitute marriage. 

1. Pay the Bride Price

2. Register the marriage at the Local Government Authority or the Registrar General's Department

3. Altar or Pastoral blessings (For practicing Christians).

When you do these things, you are legitimately and legally married before God and men. Any other thing we do is an addition and not a necessity or a requirement. So in short, you are not obliged to do any other thing in addition to the above mentioned if you so desire. Other things such as the following;

A. An expensive wardrobe for groom and bride. (Wedding gowns, suits etc)

B. Wedding reception

C. Bridal team

D. Luxury cars

E. Decorations and the list continues….

It’s important to note that these things are not a requirement and therefore remains optional to the event.

Some Causes of expensive Wedding

I. Peer pressure

II. Societal and family pressure

III. Personal ego

IV. Lack of maturity

V. The desire to please others for acceptance

VI. The desire to out do others and so on and so forth.

How to avoid expensive wedding

a. Proper planning

b. Plan and spend within your means

c. Do not borrow or buy things on credit

d. Avoid the tendency of using another person’s wedding ceremony as a standard for your own

e. Don’t be in competition with anybody

f. Don’t rely on promises. Remember that promises are not realities and can therefore fail especially promises from men.

g. Avoid peer, family or societal pressure

h. Show maturity

In conclusion, everybody may wish to have a very beautiful and expensive wedding but that must be done within your means. 

NB: Do what you can afford. 

There is more to marriage than the wedding. Just give us a maximum of one month and we may all forget your wedding ceremony whether expensive or not.

These are my thoughts on this issue as inspired by my teacher the Holy Spirit. As always, I do not seek to present myself as an expert on this matter but only sharing my thoughts. Cheers!

God bless you.