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Susanna Wesley Christian Quotes and Sayings (Showing 1-10 of 10)


Susanna Wesley Quotes about : #Authority, #Temptation, #Use, #You { More... }

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  • Date of Birth/Born » Sun 20, January 1669
  • Died » Mon 23, July 1742
  • Occupation » Mother of Methodism
  • Brief Note/Biography » Full name Susanna Annesley Wesley, the mother of John and Charles Wesley. Although she never preached a sermon or published a book or founded a church, (she) is known as the Mother of Methodism. Why? Because two of her sons, John Wesley and Charles Wesley, as children consciously or unconsciously will, applied the example and teachings and circumstances of their home life.
  • Country » United Kingdom
  • Total Quotes » 10

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